Catalyst Regeneration

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Our Technique

MEI has been chemically regenerating stationary engine catalyst since 1987. We employ manufacturer prescribed regeneration procedures, whether ceramic or metal substrate. Further, cutting and gluing techniques have been developed for the repair of mechanically damaged ceramic catalyst. In addition, MEI has developed re-wrap replacement techniques for outer perimeter damage to metal substrate catalyst as well as mechanical reinforcement by the use of telescoping bars and special stainless steel screws. All of these repair techniques significantly reduce operating cost by improving catalyst service life and minimizing downtime.

In most cases, our regeneration service turnaround is less than fourty-eight hours after receiving the element as it takes at least twenty-four hours to dry properly.

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    There are only three mechanisms for the deactivation of catalyst: Crystallite agglomeration due to exposure to excessive temperature, poisoning due to reacting with known catalyst poisons, and masking caused by organic build up “blinding” active catalyst sites. In the last instance, catalyst can be restored through a regenerative washing procedure. The procedure entails a chemical treatment to fix the precious metal followed by an alkali and acid bath. The regenerated catalyst is then tested to confirm that it can be returned to service and meet compliance requirements.

    In the event that catalyst cannot be regenerated, MEI can facilitate the reclamation of the precious metal from your spent catalyst and issue a credit memo for a brand new replacement catalyst in the amount of the value of the reclaimed precious metal. Let us prolong your catalyst’s useful life and recycle your spent catalyst to save you money.

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