Explosion Relief Valves

MEI Explosion Relief Valves are for utilization in reciprocating engine exhaust systems to minimize damage caused by engine exhaust backfires.

Our Relief Valves

Explosion Relief Valves are commonly used to protect exhaust systems where exhaust silencers, catalytic converters and/or waste heat recovery systems are employed. Other applications include installation in reciprocating engine air intake systems to protect against inlet air filter damage due to engine intake backfire.

Explosion relief valves for 4″ through 48″ diameter pipe sizes are available as standard products.

The valves are designed for 4″ through 48″ diameter pipe sizes where exhaust gas temperatures may reach 1300° F.

These valves are pre-set to open at exhaust pressures of approximately 27.7″ of water column (1 pound per square in.). Special springs are available for opening pressures up to approximately 2 psi.

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