Catalytic Converters

Advanced Technology & Design

Featuring installation for horizontal or vertical exhaust systems, multiple positioning capability, and a 10 year lifespan when properly installed and maintained.

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Testo Analyzer

Certified Testo Laboratory

As the only certified Testo Laboratory in the Midwestern US, Mechanical Equipment Inc. can certify, repair, and refurbish your Testo 340 and 350 analyzers.

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Experts in the Industry Since 1980

Mechanical Equipment

Looking for an industry leader in the manufacturing and sales of stationary engine emission control equipment? Mechanical Equipment Inc. has worked extensively in the industry to provide unparalleled equipment sales, catalyst regeneration services, MACT compliance testing, and related application support.

Converter System Designs

  • Up to 99% NOx and CO reduction
  • Standard configurations up to 2500 BHP
  • Variable modular application
  • Extraordinarily easy to service and maintain
  • 700 to 1400F operating temperature
  • Exceptional strength and durability

Mechanical Products

Mechanical Equipment Inc. specializes in product sales, testing, and maintenance that result in unparalleled quality, unbeatable performance, and exceptional economy.

Catalytic Converters

Featuring CAM-LOK™, NO-NOx™ and NO-CO™ Catalytic Converter Systems.

Explosion Relief Valves

The perfect solution for minimizing damage from reciprocating engine exhaust backfires.

Testo Analyzer

Perfect for accurate compliance testing for stationary engines, turbines, boilers, furnaces, and more

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