After Market Catalyst

After three decades of pioneering in supplying and servicing stationary engine catalytic converters, Mechanical Equipment, Inc. (MEI) has become the quality supplier of AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT CATALYSTS.  MEI is supplying virtually every shape of replacement Platinum Group catalyst coated on cellular cordierite (ceramic) or ferritic alloy substrate.
Our proprietary catalyst elements are of the highest quality in the market today.  In most cases, our replacement elements are guaranteed to exceed the performance specifications of the original product.

When your catalyst files to meet performance criteria, let MEI evaluate your problem free of charge.  Our expert chemical cleaning services will restore your unit to acceptable performance levels.

Should you require replacement catalysts and want to avoid premium prices for less than premium products, let MEI propose a preferred solution that more than satisfies your emission reduction expectations without an unnecessary surprise to your budget.

We sell and service various brands of catalytic converters and elements.

—Unparalleled Quality, Performance, and Economy—